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CDI TorqControl Screwdriver, 2-8 Nm, 1/4-Inch Hex Magnetic Bit Shank with 6 Bits, #TLA28NM

Applying just the right amount of torque in low-torque applications can be tricky at times. The new patent-pending TorqControl Torque Tool is an adjustable, torque limiting tool that applies torque in a range between 2 Newton Meters (Nm) and 8 Nm, indexing at every tenth Newton Meter. The tool is perfect for numerous low-torque applications, including performance bicycles, technical sporting goods, fire arms, automotive and TMPS, electronic assemblies, machine carbide inserts and more.

  • Includes Certificate of Calibration
  • 1/4" Hex Magnetic Bit Shank with 6 bits included
  • 6 Hex Bits: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, T25, 6mm (long), T25 (long)
  • Turn knob to desired torque setting between 2.0 and 8.0 Nm
  • Torque limiting cam-over clutch prevents over-tightening of critical fasteners
  • Ergonomic positive grip L-handle design


This new line of Electronic Torque Wrenches from CDI Torque Products is truly revolutionary. They unite torque and angle in a single mode to provide the most accurate and fastest way to tighten fasteners in a sequence. In additio n to the LED indicator lights, an audible beep and handle vibration alert you when target torque is achieved.

CDI COMPUTORQ SG Industrial Electronic Torque Wrenches provide instant data on the exact torque actually applied - something mechanical wrenches can't do.
The patent-pending Torque and Angle combo mode provides the most accurate and fastest way to achieve torque plus angle in a single motion. Control torque accuracy to +/- 2% clockwise, +/- 3% counterclockwise. Control angle accuracy to +/- 1% of reading and +/- 1 degree.

The rugged, all-steel body is designed to stand up to industrial use and each wrench is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Code Name Price  
TLA28NM 1/4" Hex Magnetic Bit Shank with 6 bits $110.18
2401CASG 1/4In Flex Head Elec Torque Wr $ MSRP 1343.73
1002CASG 3/8In Flx Head Elec Torque Wr $ MSRP 1606.65
2503CASG 1/2In Flex Head Elec Torque Wr $ MSRP 1811.12
6004CASG 3/4In Fix Head Elec Torque Wr $ MSRP 3739.09