Torque Multiplier 8000 Ft-Lbs

Torque Multiplier 8000 Ft-Lbs

    Price: $3,282.50

    Code: 0662459261182

    Weight: 49.71 pounds

    Torque Multiplier 8000 Ft-Lbs


    • Provides the operator with nut-turning power that requires only a fraction of the force required when using conventional tools
    • Input and output rotation is in the same direction
    • Reaction bar rotation is opposite to input direction and must rest securely against a rigid object to withstand the generated reaction force
    • By removing 4 screws, heads may be easily disassembled for inspection, cleaning and lubrication


    Max Output ft-lb: 8000 Multiplication Ratio: 4.6 to 1
    Approx. ft-lb Rq'd for Max Output: 1915 Input Female Sq,: 1
    Output Male Sq.: 1-1/2 Head Thickness Inc. Tang: 6-1/4
    Head Diam.: 6-1/2 Oal. Lgth. Inc. Reaction Bar: 31