1/2 Torque Comparator JHW1753-TC

1/2 Torque Comparator  JHW1753-TC

    Price: $756.22

    Code: 0662459944207


    • Large dual scale.
    • Perfect when a quick check of your wrench is required before usage.
    • Compact design allows for mounting on any flat surface in either horizontal or vertical position.
    • Torque comparator is calibrated on torque testers which are certified using test bars and "F" weights traceable to NIST.
    • +/- 2% accuracy from 20% of full scale to full scale.
    • Calibration Compliance Certificate Included.


    Square drive: 1/2 in Torque range (lb.ft): 175 lb.ft
    Torque range (Nm): 230 Nm