Multitorque Torque Data Collection

The MULTITORQ portable electronic torque meter displays torque readings from sensors that attach between sockets and driver. MULTITORQ is a highly versatile torque analyzer/data acquisition system that can be used with sockets, extensions, universal joints, ratcheting drivers or any combination of these.


Code Name Price  
1002-F-MT2W 1002-F-MT2W 3/8 DR SENSOR 10-100 FT LB $1,460.60
101-I-MT2W 101-I-MT2W Sensor 1/4 Drive 1-10In Lb $1,769.85
15005-F-MT2W 15005-F-MT2W Sensor 1 Drive 150-1500Ft Lb $3,353.40
1600-20 MULTITO INTER CAB RS-232 TO PC $103.57
1600-MT2W 1600-MT2W $4,173.12
2001-I-MT2W 2001-I-MT2W Sensor 1/4 Drive 20-200In Lb $1,460.60
201-O-MT2W 201-O-MT2W $1,672.23
2503-F-MT2W 2503-F-MT2W Sensor 1/2 Drive 25-250Ft Lb $1,666.77
501-I-MT2W 501-I-MT2W Sensor 1/4In Dr 5-50In Lb $1,931.31
6004-F-MT2W 6004-F-MT2W Sensor 3/4In Dr 60-600Ft Lb $1,828.23