Calibration Equipment

Code Name Price  
2000-321-0 2000-321-0 $10,187.99
2000-322-0 2000-322-0 $9,112.14
2000-152-3 2000-152-3 $135.90
2000-226-2 2000-226-2 $370.01
2000-226-3 2000-226-3 $337.86
2000-150-03 2000-150-03 $1,195.48
342-35 342-35 $349.44
342-36 342-36 $356.05
343-25 343-25 $428.53

Calibration Equipment
CDI’s calibration equipment is expressly designed to calibrate the complete line of CDI Torque Transducers. All weight trays, arms and brackets supplied by CDI Torque Products are built with precision accuracy to meet the demanding needs of the calibration professional. All calibration wheels and arms are certified as to length, and supplied with a certificate of accuracy, which is traceable to N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Weights, trays and hangers are weight certified and are also supplied with a certificate of accuracy traceable to N.I.S.T. Mating adapters are available to facilitate the use of the various components. Written procedures are available upon request for calibrating any of CDI’s manufactured torque products.